LPG Medical was created by professionals with over 20 years’ experience of providing independent medical evidence for the legal profession

We manage a UK wide panel of trained, accredited GP’s and consultants who provide court approved testamentary capacity reports

After good friends of ours experienced the devastating and costly consequences of a Will being challenged on the grounds of testamentary capacity, we determined to do everything we could to help others avoid similar fates.

Today, we work with solicitors, Will writers and with partners, to facilitate the implementation of The Law Society Wills & Inheritance Protocol, helping them become the embodiment of Best Practice and in this way:

  • Reduce the likelihood of negligence claims arising
  • Differentiate our customers from their competitors 
  • Demonstrate high standards of practice and client service
  • Improve profitability

Why use the LPG Medical

At LPG Medical, we understand that the whole process of being asked to demonstrate testamentary capacity can be construed as insulting as well as being time consuming and expensive. That is why we are very sensitive to clients needs as well as making the process as simple and easy as possible.

We are always at the end of the phone or email and we will take as long as is needed to ensure that fully understand your options and the process ahead of you. 


The quality of the assessment is absolutely essential if the report is to have any weight in court. Accessing expertise can be the most influential reason a Will writing professional fails to implement the Golden Rule.

The examiners we work with are all fully trained in this specific area of law and medicine and thoroughly understand both the legal framework and medical aspects of the assessment. Before being accepted onto our panel, examiners have to complete a thorough training programme provided by barristers, solicitors and psychiatrists all of whom are experts in this field.

An individuals own GP is often inappropriate to provide a testamentary assessment because of a lack of training, expertise, time and lack of independence.


Access to a testamentary assessor swiftly is essential. Often the testator has a need to compete the process quickly and we work with our clients to access the earliest possible appointments.

As the Will writing professional, you are liable for ensuring  a report is returned expeditiously following the assessment examination. Lawyers have been found negligent for not managing the return of the testamentary report within 10 days of the assessment examination. At LPG we take that pressure away and guarantee reports are back with you within 7 days.


Cost can be the one factor that deters clients from protecting their legacies for whom they are intended. As crazy as it sounds spending £1,000 to ensure that a £500,000 legacy that someone has strived all of their lives to accrue is often perceived as too much.

Our pricing is standard pricing is based upon GP's charging £180 per hour and consultant assessments costing £280 per hour with an estimated 3 hours time required for assessment and reporting

We understand that for some clients this may seem expensive and we have worked incredibly hard to provide a fixed price product that fits everyone’s pocket. Working with partners we are now able to offer a fixed price testamentary assessment & report, produced by a trained and accredited GP's. Please contact us for details.

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